We started this label out of passion and creativity. 
We work towards our goals everyday.
Join us on this eeden journey. 


A collection designed and handmade at the eeden atelier by the eeden sisters.

We prefer to create and tell the story behind the pieces. We spend time on the details and quality of our fashion rather than offering fast fashion with low prices. 


We are working very hard to make our whole production process transparent and fair. Also we are working to build up our knowledge of the origin of our garments. Good work takes time, but we’ll keep you posted on the progress.

In the meantime, at eeden, you can be very sure that during the process of cutting the fabric, putting the pieces together and sewing, no-one was unfairly treated because this is the part we do by ourselves completely.


Handpicked vintage collection with exclusive secondhand items.

These items were loved before by someone else on this earth. We handpicked our own eeden vintage collection and repaired, refurbished and dipped the items in eeden flavours. 


These items have a retro feel and carry a story for you to explore.
Besides that, these items are a very sustainable choice . 


Young designers selling their designs in store. 


Together with young designers and fashion students we create the collection in store. They get space in our store to show and sell their designs. We help them building their label, they help us create a divers store. We hope to build a fashion community around sustainability and creativity.  Let's lift each other up. Together we can reach our full potential. 

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Custom made items designed together with us.

We could offer custom tailoring. We'll discuss your wishes and try to create a eeden item that suits you especially. 
If you would like custom tailoring. Please contact us. 


"We have our own qualities. Some of them very alike, some very different. Although this may be difficult sometimes, we are both very aware that we are complementary. Together we make eeden happen. The fact that we are sisters makes this bond even stronger. Most of the time our vision is one. Other times we challenge each other. Which helps us to grow."

Tessa van den Eeden

Co-founder & Creative director

Responsible for the concepts & atelier management.

Evy van den Eeden

Co-founder & Store Manager

Responsible for the look and feel of the store and design management.

The eeden sisters