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Jewel warranty 


✯ At eeden we want to make sure you enjoy your jewelry as long as possible. If a small reparation is needed please visit our store. If a larger repair is required, we will discuss this with you.


✯At eeden we love to give you the opportunity to personalize your jewelry. Almost all jewelry can be personalized with your chosen initials, zodiac sign or a date. For more information please visit our store or contact us.

Our eeden jewelry line is carefully made with high-quality products. To enjoy your jewel for a long time, it is important to take good care of the jewelry. Of course production errors can always be made. To ensure that you can optimally enjoy your eeden jewelry you will receive a suitable guarantee from us.

The following rules apply to this:


✯After purchase, you receive a 6-month warranty from the date you purchased your eeden jewelry.


✯ Out of warranty:
- Breakage (unless it is a demonstrable production error).
- Normal wear and tear, incorrect use or incorrect treatment.
- Discolouration due to the use of water, perfume, soap, lotion or hair spray.
- Discoloration due to a high acidity of the skin.
- Processing by a party other than eeden (for example for customizing or reparation).

✯ Maintenance


The correct maintenance of your eeden jewelry:

- Protect your jewelry as much as possible against scratches and stains. Avoid contact between your jewelry and hard surfaces. Try to drop the jewelry as little as possible. Take off the jewelry before you exercise, do household or other rough work and when you go to sleep or shower. Store the jewelry in the included jewelry box.


- Avoid contact between jewelry and chemical agents such as perfume, cleaning agents swimming pools.


- Avoid the contact between your jewelry and cosmetics. Their beautiful shine and color can be damaged by contact with makeup, hair spray and perfume.


- Do not clean your jewelry with chemical agents and do not polish it with a hard cloth. Use only warm water without chemical additives.


- Pearls and silver may discolor sooner or later due to normal use.

- The 24 carat gold layer of the goldplated jewelry wears out inevitably and will discolor after a few months to the silver layer that is under the gold layer. They will slowly change to silver. The speed of this process depends on the acidity of your skin and your maintenance routine.


✯ Complaints

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